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The User’s Manual For Your Body

Read the companion guide to to discover:

  • How the body handles the food we eat.
  • Why we get obesity and become sick.
  • How to cure it and stay healthy.

Available in Paperback and eBook.

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About the book

Mankind is sleepwalking into the biggest health disaster in the history of the world, on a scale far greater than any plague, pestilence or famine that we have witnessed before. All the advances we've made in modern healthcare will be completely negated by it. This disaster is obesity and the greatly increased risk of disease that goes with it.

Nobody gets a user’s manual for their body when they arrive in the world! However, understanding how your body works is vital, especially when it comes to how it uses the food that goes into it, and what can go wrong if this doesn’t happen in line with how the human body has evolved.

Your body is probably the most sophisticated thing in the universe, but you only get one of them, and you need to look after it.

Right now, two out three people living in western society are either overweight or obese. This in turn makes people unhappy and often causes stress, anxiety and clinical depression.

In addition, being overweight or obese markedly increases the risk of developing serious medical conditions (for example cancer, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis) and premature death.

The User’s Manual For Your Body is an easy-to-read guide that explains how the body works and what you need to know to get your body to work the way it was meant to.


There are literally thousands of books on the market telling us how to become healthy. And then one is published which is an absolute breath of fresh air. I refer to The User’s Manual For Your Body, written by Andrew Renaut, a cancer surgeon with an enviable knowledge of immune mechanisms, organic and inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and physiology. The book is superb. It may be seen as too detailed for some but its excellent layout means that anyone who reads it can devour the pages they are interested in, from losing weight whilst enjoying a healthy lifestyle to knowing what to eat and when. Then, perhaps at a later date – but more likely at the same sitting, due to being unable to put the book down, the reader will marvel at the multitude of chemical reactions that constitute normal human activity. This book is unique; enough information to satisfy a university don but presented in a way that the reader, from a schoolboy devoted to his rugby to a research scientist engaged in some esoteric study, can all benefit from reading this book carefully.

Dr Henry Glennie

Consultant otolaryngologist-head and neck surgeon (ear, nose and throat specialist)

Chief Executive Officer – Medilink Australia Pty Ltd

Sample Chapter


Why you need The User’s Manual For Your Body

Mankind is sleep-walking into the biggest health disaster in the history of the World – on a scale far greater than any plague, pestilence or famine that we have witnessed previously. All of the advances we have made in modern healthcare will be completely negated by it. We are of course referring to obesity and the increased risk of disease that goes with it. This is no longer conjecture – the statistics and our personal experiences support it. We have been collecting data on morbidity and mortality for many decades now, and have seen a steady rise in both improved health and lifespan, as a result of increased sanitation and medicines that have cured contagious illnesses. By comparison, advances in the treatment of heart disease and cancer for instance have been relatively modest, but they have nevertheless all contributed.

That upward trend, in certain age groups, is already slowing down and will almost certainly plateau and then continue into a decline. It is the tip of the iceberg because many of the conditions we’re talking about are chronic and have a long lead-time. In twenty years we will look back and ask ourselves “where did it all go so wrong?” – by which time it will be too late. The overwhelming irony is that all of this is largely preventable and mostly reversible. The fact that we’re not preventing and reversing it leads to the inevitable conclusion that most people simply don’t know how their body works.

So YES – you definitely need The User’s Manual For Your Body.

The purpose of a user’s manual

Whenever you buy anything new, of a vaguely technical nature, whether online or in a store, it comes with a user’s manual. This applies to obvious things like a car, a sound system for the home or a washing machine; but you also get one for simple toys and games for example. It’s usually in the form of a pamphlet but sometimes, depending on the complexity of the product, it extends to a little booklet and very occasionally a veritable tome. Most products now don’t actually come with a hard copy – the information is available online.

Luckily most of the things around you are designed to function intuitively i.e. you don’t need to think too hard about how to put it together or how it works. And that’s because manufacturers realised a long time ago that impetuousness and laziness are innate human traits, so if it isn’t obvious how something works then you won’t buy it.

Most of the time you don’t read the user’s manual which makes it obsolete – it goes straight from the packaging into the trash can, still in its plastic wrapper. But manufacturers still issue them with the vain hope that one day you might actually get around to reading it, but mainly so they can protect themselves in the event that the product suddenly stops working. At the very least they can turn around and say: “well if you’d just followed the instructions we wouldn’t be having this conversation”.

But even if you can work out things intuitively it’s probably to your benefit to still read it thoroughly. Firstly, there will be a few things you didn’t realise it could do and so you often don’t take full advantage of its usefulness; and secondly, for it to function optimally, there’s a few things you need to do along the way – in a car it’s called servicing – and this also ensures longevity.

The more valuable something is, the more careful we tend to be at looking after it so that we get the most out of it and in particular making sure it lasts as long as possible. We are probably more likely to read the user’s manual and in particular the servicing schedule.

But here’s the most astonishing bit of irony: the one thing that you should cherish more than anything else – no exceptions – is your own body. Yet when you arrived in the World you didn’t come with a user’s manual. And here is something equally astonishing: nobody has ever written one for you, so that you might make maximum use of it and importantly ensure that you last a long time and, for the majority of that time, go about your daily life without any worries.

Bizarrely, we do a very good job at trying to destroy it; and as for servicing – forget it! The really good thing though is that the human body has simply wonderful powers of in-built servicing and repair so that, however hard we thrash it, there will be an attempt to bring it back to optimal function. This process is called homeostasis. But there is a limit to what it can take as you will discover later in the book. If you push it in this direction hard enough it sure as hell will go wrong and often irreversibly.

What are Nysteia and the Nysteia Formula?

The User’s Manual For Your Body is an add-on to Nysteia - a website that we have developed over the past couple of years. Nysteia’s philosophy is about allowing you to lead a happy, healthy longer life through using the Nysteia Formula. Nysteia is so called because it is ancient Greek for fasting – they were the first people to appreciate the benefits of fasting, not for obesity necessarily but more to sharpen the brain, one of the other many benefits.

It is not another fad diet – it is a method of eating and living, based upon the science of the human body and in particular how it handles the food you put into it. It’s actually very simple and involves three things: intermittent fasting, cardiovascular exercise and Mediterranean-type cuisine. Doing just one or two of the three in isolation will almost certainly not allow you to reach your BOF (biological optimum function) and BOW (biological optimum weight). To understand why this works and, in reality, why it is the only thing that works, you must have a basic understanding of the human body and food and how the two interact. And that’s exactly what this book gives you.

How to use The User’s Manual For Your Body

There have been countless books written about the human body – in particular how it’s put together, how it functions and the diseases that affect it. They are mainly written by doctors for doctors as an aid to their training. But as far as we know there is nothing that constitutes an actual “User’s Manual” for the everyday person. A book that tells you how things work in a way that you can understand and importantly containing vital information about the food we eat.

This user’s manual is not a book just about food or nutrition or diseases. It’s pretty much the same as a user’s manual for anything else. It gives you some basic understanding of how the body is put together, how the various parts work, how to keep it running smoothly, how to prevent it from going wrong, and how to keep it going for its intended life. For this particular product there isn’t a service schedule because, by and large, it fixes itself – but only if you allow it to!

The book has eleven chapters and, in this respect, it can be used as a reference manual; but it has in fact been written to be read like a novel from cover to cover. It goes into some basic human anatomy, in particular the gut, and how it deals with the food we put into it. It includes information on the way we have evolved, how we stay on an even keel, how we digest our food, the way the body stores food, and autophagy which is the body’s own way of dealing with potentially harmful cells.

It then covers the types of food we eat and what happens to them once they are in the body. We then dedicate quite a lot of space to the role of insulin and the development of insulin resistance, and make no apology for doing so – it is a hormone and process that are absolutely key to what causes obesity. It introduces the new idea that insulin resistance, considered by many to be a disease, is in fact a normal survival mechanism that has evolved to help us conserve our energy substrates. It also explains the idea that, when taken beyond its intended role, insulin resistance affects our immune system, allowing us to become sick.

We then go into the concepts of health, fitness and metabolism – terms that are used often without people really understanding their true meaning. This is followed by a chapter on physical activity and the importance of exercise. We’ve dedicated a whole chapter to the immune system because, once again, it is something that is poorly understood but is absolutely critical in determining our health. This is followed by a section on some of the diseases and illnesses that are more common in people who have obesity. Finally, we introduce the concepts of biological optimum function (BOF) and biological optimum weight (BOW) and how these should be your ultimate aim, by getting back insulin sensitivity. A brief, but significant, chapter is dedicated to the Renaut Paradigm which explains how insulin resistance potentially affects our immune system, leading to serious disease and early death.

The very final chapter is entitled The Nysteia Formula. In effect this is the quick-start guide. If you’re not that fussed about reading the whole book, that’s fine – we won’t be offended. But if you want to know how to get started here and now then you’ll find it in this section. We would like you to read the rest of the book in your own good time as it will explain how and why the Nysteia Formula works.

At the very end of the book there is an FAQ section.

We’ve written this book to help you lead a happy, healthy, longer life; and we make you two promises: firstly, it is the only thing that you need and secondly it will work.