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Andrew has spent his adult life pursuing many varied passions, that he has combined and converted to successful business opportunities.

Cancer Surgeon

Andrew is first and foremost a cancer surgeon. He runs a busy surgical practice in Brisbane looking after patients with cancer and other bowel-related conditions. His greatest satisfaction is converting a distraught patient who has just been given some very bad news into someone who walks out of hospital with a new lease of life following major surgery. Seeing those patients come back every year he says is like catching up with an old friend – “you know their cancer has gone so you just chat about holidays, family and what an appalling job politicians do”.

His interest in cancer extends far beyond the surgical management. During his training he spent a dedicated period of research examining some of the immune mechanisms in cancer and why the immune system is so important in fighting the disease. The results were published as a thesis for which he was awarded a Masters of Surgery from the University of London. Importantly, it laid the foundations for the Renaut Hypothesis – which is explained in detail in his book – The User’s Manual For Your Body.

Wellbeing Expert

Andrew has always been passionate about wellbeing and prevention, and it has been a constant source of disappointment seeing so many young patients suffering serious disease and dying early because they haven’t been given the right advice. This has prompted him to put together a very comprehensive online forum called Nysteia that tells people how to live a happy, healthy, longer life through adopting some significant, yet easy to achieve, changes to things such as food. He has also written the book – The User’s Manual For Your Body – as an add-on.

From a personal perspective, Andrew practices what he preaches and follows the Nysteia Formula every day. As a result, he considers that he has BOF (biological optimum function) and is at his BOW (biological optimum weight), two concepts that he has introduced in his book. This equates to being in peak physical and mental condition, never seeing a doctor and taking no medications. He runs 5 kilometres / 3 miles every morning, survives on 6 hours of sleep and has never taken a sick day in 40 years.


Andrew’s book – The User’s Manual For Your Body was published in early 2019. He wrote this as part of his philosophy regarding wellbeing and living a happy, healthy, longer life; but largely in response to the shocking statistic that 65% of people are either overweight or suffering from obesity. The fact that this figure is increasing means that what we are currently doing is simply not working. And this has led him to the conclusion that people simply don’t know how their body works.

The book explains in a simple yet scientific way how the body functions, in particular in relation to the food we eat and what happens when we do things differently to how the body has evolved. Further details about the content can be gleaned from the Sample Text.


Andrew is the founder and director of Online Medical, a web design and development company that specialises in websites for medical specialists, GPs, allied health, hospitals and medical societies. It has been operating for over 10 years and in that time the company has produced websites for more than 150 satisfied clients. He considers himself the market leader in this niche environment.

Expert Medical Opinion

Andrew has extensive experience in writing medicolegal reports for clients who have suffered workplace injuries, trauma or misadventure. He has a dedicated Expert Medical Opinion website for this component of his practice.


Andrew has had a lifetime of recreation on the water. He proudly states that his late father, who was a navigator with the RAF during WW2, threw him into a boat before he could walk, and he has maintained this passion to this day. He has extensive experience with both cruising and ocean racing, and is a veteran of several Fastnet races, one of the most challenging competitions in the blue-water racing calendar. He holds a Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate with Commercial Endorsement, allowing him to skipper a charter yacht up to 23 metres in length.


Andrew is passionate about many things, but food is close to the top of the list. He prepares and cooks almost all of his food and there must be a cast-iron reason for dining at a restaurant – it has to be better than he can get at home. He is an advocate of using fresh ingredients at all times and eschewing processed food and anything out of a packet.

His favourite part of the World is the Mediterranean and espouses Mediterranean-type cuisine, a concept that he has proposed in his book. His cuisine of choice is Italian, and he has spent several weeks on residential courses in Tuscany, learning about the finer points.